Headquarters Church

Headquarters Church

The International Headquarters of our ministry at KOUME-Bertoua in Cameroon is made up of many key entities, one of which is the Headquarters' Church.

The Headquarters Church is a mega Church. All the localities within the radius of 100 km around Bertoua make up the Headquarters' Spiritual Province and constitute the Headquarters Church.

The goal of the Headquarters Church is to have 1, 000, 000 disciples in 10, 000 House Churches in 1,000 localities by 2065. In the short term, the Headquarters Church is pursuing the goal of having 25,000 members, with a leadership team of 500 members by 31st December 2014. At present, 423 localities have been identified in the Headquarters Spiritual Province. 125 House churches have been planted and there are over 4,000 members in the Church.

The mission of the Headquarters Church is to provide a numerical and a resource base for the accomplishment of the vision of our ministry. To accomplish her mission, the Headquarters Church has three task:

  1. The Work

    It is the planting of House Churches in every town and village of the Headquarters Spiritual Province, in order to accomplish the purposes of God for the salvation of all who live within this Spiritual Province, and ensure that they are disciples abiding in the Church. We are going to work with mobile teams of soul-winners. There will be a team of leaders who will each take care of their assigned limits for the conquest. By this, the work supplies the human resources and the numerical base.

  2. The Church

    This consists in building, through a team of pastors, the young converts won throughout the Headquarters Spiritual Province, so that they become disciples of Jesus Christ, as ZTF would have done, and train them to accomplish the vision.

  3. The Vision

    Ensure that the totality of what God wants to accomplish in our generation through ZTF is accomplished.


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